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Held in 15th, April at 5:30PM


DongGuan Team(Yellow Dress) VS ShenZhen Team(Black Dress)

 DongGuan Team gives a great jump shot at 2 points,but missed the score,the basketball bounced from the rim.


ShenZhen Team rebounded the ball and attached quickly, through the defense kicked the ball out for a two-pointer, Wow, pretty well, The ShenZhen Team won the first ball.


DongGuan Team also unwillingly shows weakness, Look, the Jump, the one-handed jam posture, the flying Michael Jordan was born.

The first game was out. Score: 008(DongGuan) VS 013 (ShenZhen),ShenZhen Team has a Five-point lead over

Players Half Time


Game go on. Look, scored another goal, perfect shot, perfect goal, DongGuan Team scored again

Three-pointer¡­¡­Scored goal, A roar of cheering broke out from the court which with a fine three-pointer from the guard of ShenZhen Team

The first half was whisker-close. Score 020(DongGuan) VS 024(ShenZhen),ShenZhen Team still be in the lead,DongGuan Team also not far behind, equal, come on!




As time goes on, highlight emerging, here is a ¡°Hitting¡±, there is a ¡°Walking¡±, you come to my game to the two sides, ¡°Fight¡± with one another, the audience¡¯s hearts in their mouths.


The game was whisker-close. The play ground broke out in cheers,DongGuan Team beat Shenzhen Team by four points, and won the first basketball game championship. congratulations for them.

Now,¡± the first basketball game in Hottech " was perfect endings, It¡¯s a granding meeting was full of entertainment interest and competition pleasure, enrich employees leisure time and enhance friendly relationship among colleagues, it also strengthens the cohesion among the people, let¡¯s looking forward to the next game.