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Team strength is very large that nobody can guess. Everyone has their own position. Once we all can use our advantage fully, then the whole team strength will be powerful. In this training, teachers gave us many tasks, all of them need us cooperation, if anybody failed then the team failed. In order to complete those tasks, we must cooperation, communicate, obey the leader¡¯s arrangement and try our best to do it.Through the joint efforts of all partners, we finish those tasks successfully.


This game called ¡°same mind rod¡±. The rules are:

1. 10 persons should be stay in a line.

2. Everyone use a finger shore up the rod. The finger must be parallel, can¡¯t be perk or warp.

3. Rod should be move down from our nose to the feet. At this time, everyone¡¯s finger should be shore up it and can¡¯t separate.


At first time, we thought it is a simple game. But when we start to do it, problems come. Somebody separate with the bar, somebody finger perk, somebody shore up the bar and can¡¯t let it down, then keep the bar always in a same height; somebody angry that one person always make mistakes¡­¡­

Finally we choose a leader in our team and ask him to give orders. Like down, stop ¡­¡­

Then everybody should be keep calm to feeling the bar and listening to the leader¡¯s order.

According this adjustment, we can feel that the bar can go down much smoothly.

Several time later, we finally completed. We laugh, we hugs¡­..

According this game, we learn:

1. every team need a leader and we must obey.

2. every person are very important to the team so we must try our best to do it.

3. Failed is not terrible, but we must sum-up. Keep calm to think to feeling how to do your position

4. Obey and cooperation;

This is just a game, a little game. From this game we got that everyman has his price, we can¡¯t igore the importance of others. Never give up, confidence by yourself and make efforts to do things, I think the success will not far away from you.