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”our team encountered the high-voltage electric net set by the enemies, which could destroy anything it touched and There was only one small hole for us to pass through. However, the enemies would come here after 90 minutes, so we had no choice but go through this electric net in 90 minutes. Each person could go through this small hole carried by other team members. But during this process, this person must not touch the net and all other members were not allowed to speak, otherwise this person need go back and redo it again.”

  (一)Our team leaders discussed about the plan for about 8 minutes. Then we got started. At the beginning, although we tried many times, we always failed since we didn’t work well with each other. “It is impossible for all of us to go through this electric net.”Several team members started to complain. General Manager Chen said angrily: “your guys absolutely don’t have team awareness. You are a team now so that good team work is your best choice. And you all must pay more attention to the details. Trust yourselves and believe that you can make it! ”one hour passed, however we still didn’t pass through the net.

  One member’s mistake will cause the failure of a team. A team is made of several members, and all the members are responsible for the performance of e team. Our personalities should help but not impede the team. Sometimes, we might be self-centered and even want to break the rules. Nevertheless, our recklessness might have negative effects on the team. In this activity, whatever we do, firstly we need pay attention to the actions of all other members and cooperate with each other.

  (二)There were total 46 members. Once 32 members had passed the electric net, but because of the 33rd member failure all these 32 members need go back and redo it. At that time, all of us felt so helpless and desperate and started to blame each other. In that case, our team leader rearranged the members and asked them to continue. “Well done, keep going!”He encouraged them repeatedly every time.

  We can always hear some people saying: “I have goal, I have dream, and I have confidence.” But they always change their goals and therefore their dreams are always being far away from them. Especially when they meet with troubles or difficulties, they will lose confidence and have no passion any more. But it doesn’t mean that they are lazy or those who just thought and never did. Actually they have tried, but they just don’t trust their capabilities and potentials. So they choose to give up and become failures. If they knew that the potential is endless and the key point is how they learn to develop it, they might not give up. Not all of us will be as lucky as Brook who had such an excellent teacher, but we have ourselves and whenever we meet difficulties we can say to ourselves that: “come on, don’t give up, move on…”

  (三)At last, we finally passed through the net with the good co-work of all the members after proper rearrangement and elaborate division of labor by the team leader. At that time, we hugged and cried for our hardest victory. This is victory for not only our team but also for every member.

  After the activity, we all knew the importance of team work, tolerance and positive attitude, and also understood that it would be helpful for the team to encourage each other. This was not an easy task; we would blame the one who made mistake because that might cause the failure of our team. Being annoyed cannot help the team when we failed. All what we need to think about is how to encourage each other, touch all the members with positive attitude, and hold all together since only good team work can help us achieve success.

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